Artist Endorsement Application

Thank you for your interest in joining the Westminster Effects family!

We receive a ton of endorsement requests. As much as we’d love to give everyone free pedals forever, we also have to make sure that endorsements aren’t simply us throwing pedals at dudes.

Endorsees are expected to cultivate a cross-promotional relationship. This is much more than just “getting a good deal” on products. To be totally transparent, we endorse artists for their ability to help promote Westminster Effects, resulting in sales of our products.

But we also aim to help artists. Not only do endorsed artists receive great discounts on great gear in order to help support their musical careers, but they also get a shout out on our site to show off and features on our social media, email list, and blog!

Some of the criteria we consider for endorsements are social media presence and activity, a visible effort in pursuing a career in music, talent, and general popularity. We have multiple levels of endorsement and will decide just how much of a discount to give based on these and other factors. 

So, do you want to take a shot at becoming a part of the Westminster artist roster? Fill out the application below!

To be considered, you must enter your personal social media information, and your social media profiles must be public.