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Westminster Effects

Augsburg Deluxe Amp Sim

Augsburg Deluxe Amp Sim

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This is our tone and that of our guitars. The Augsburg Deluxe Amp Sim is an all analog emulation of Fender Silverface and Blackface amps. It features a switchable cabinet simulator and XLR out, which makes it perfect as an analog option for running direct and an inexpensive option for running stereo. It also features a 1/4″ output dry through, so you can bypass the Augsburg at home, or run the XLR to the PA while you run the 1/4″ output to an amp.

Note: The Augsburg Deluxe Amp Sim is not a power amp, and it is not meant to handle a speaker output from your amp.

Need more information? Read the manual here.

Power requirements: 9V DC center negative, 16mA
Measurements: 4.8" x 2.6" x 1.4"

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