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Piper Drive V3 - Lord's Day Frog Limited Edition

Piper Drive V3 - Lord's Day Frog Limited Edition

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My dudes, the Lord's Day Frog Piper Drive is back, now in all its V3 glory. This is a preorder with shipping taking place somewhere around April 1. With this being a preorder, the LDF Piper Drive is not eligible for our trade-in program.

When you find yourself Desiring Tone and may even be Obsessive or Compulsive about your Drives, don't waste your pedalboard space. Get yourself a Piper Drive V3, which goes all the way from open, transparent tones to gainy, mid-forward distortion. It stacks beautifully, and it pushes high gain amps into chuggy bliss with an OCD-based circuit. 

Need more information? Read the manual here.

Power requirements: 9V DC center negative, 54mA
Measurements: 4.4" x 2.3" x 1"

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